HDPE pipes and fitting

HDPE pipe fittings are mainly used in: municipal piping systems, electrical piping systems, dredging piping systems, mining piping systems, drinking water systems, oil and gas collection, wastewater systems, power and communication systems, mining and industrial systems, natural gas distribution systems. PE pipe fittings in hdpe pipe fittings are mainly divided into two categories: hot melt pipe fittings and electric fusion pipe fittings. Due to price reasons, the amount of hot-melt pipe fittings in engineering applications is greater than that of electric fusion pipe fittings, but electric fusion pipe fittings play an important role in engineering and maintenance. In the irreplaceable role, especially in the construction of electric fusion pipe fittings, it is less affected by the external environment and human factors, so it has better reliability and is more popular with users. Especially in gas pipeline engineering, the application of electrofusion pipe fittings is increasing.